6 Reasons To Go For Automatic Triaxial Testing

Triaxial testing has been an important test for performing soil mechanics. This test has been used from way back manually and was used to measure various properties of soil such as stress, strength, and strain. This test is also undertaken by the scientist to study soil behaviour. They are effective in earlier times, but the traditional mode of triaxial testing used to have various issues.

Some of these are mentioned below:

  • The data collected is basic, which leads to a low level of accuracy. The low level of accuracy is also because of high manual intervention.
  • The time required to set up the manual triaxial testing is large as there are various independent pressure sources.
  • Under manual triaxial testing, lots of laboratory space is required as wall panels are required to fit manual valves and so on. This makes the whole process very complicated and cumbersome.
  • The use of a manual triaxial testing system is not only complicated but is very noisy as well. Also, this testing system requires maintenance from time to time.

Hence these are the common issues that one faces when working with the manual triaxial testing system. These issues lead to a low level of productivity. This calls for a new and advanced solution that can readily make the whole process more convenient and accurate at the same time.

To achieve this, various efforts were being put to simplify and make the triaxial testing system more advanced. This has finally led to the emergence of automated triaxial systems. It has led to improved performance and reliability of the whole process. There are various reasons which explain why one lab must go for an automated triaxial system.

These are mentioned below:

  • The biggest reason to opt for this system is that it helps one to save time. The system can run the test continuously throughout the day without any interruption. Thus one can easily focus on other important tasks without any worry about the tests.
  • As the manual intervention under automatic triaxial testing is minimal to zero, the results generated are highly accurate. The operator error has been significantly reduced as now with this advanced system; there is no need to collect or save data manually. All the complex procedures are also automated, thus leaving very little room for errors.
  • Automatic triaxial testing has paved the way for more advanced testing than it was ever possible earlier. The testing capabilities have been expanded through the use of the new and advanced testing system.
  • The automatic triaxial testing has led to limited supervision as everything through the software. This allows students and technicians to undertake other work because of the time saved. Also, the automated system offers a remote monitoring option.
  • They are highly accessible to all because of their reasonable cost. They are a good investment that offers great value to its various users.
  • With the use of an automated triaxial system, the lab space of the user gets free up as the parts and components required under manual testing are no more required.

Hence these are the reasons that explain the importance of automated triaxial testing. This testing system will offer more accurate results.

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