5 Benefits of Universal Testing Machine

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The name universal testing machine is given to these machines because they can perform variety of tests such as compression tests, tensile tests, etc. on different materials. Universal testing machines are known by many different names as well. Some most popular names include bend tester, tensile tester and compression tester. These are multi-purpose instruments that can be used in many laboratories for research and development.

One of the main advantages of purchasing a universal testing machine is that it can be used to perform a variety of tests. You need only one machine for tensile testing, sheer testing, compression testing, peel testing, bend testing, puncture testing, etc. It can pull, stretch, compress materials till they reach their breaking point.

Some common uses of universal testing machines are as follows:

  1. Tensile Testing: One of the most common use of universal testing machine is tensile testing. It is used to find out how strong is a material and how much can it be stretched. It can also be used to check the stiffness of the material and how much tension it can absorb before reaching its breaking point.
  2. Compression Testing: Compression is completely different from a tensile test. A universal testing machine can be used to compress any object. Any object can also be compressed until the product breaks. A compression test is used to test the breaking point of a material. How long a material can go without breaking can easily be tested by a compression test.
  3. Peel Testing: A peel test is very similar to that of a tensile test. The only difference between the two is that in tensile test a single piece of material is pulled apart while in peel testing two materials that are bounded together are pulled apart to determine the peel force. This is one of the key differences of a peel and a tensile test. Tensile test is used to pull one product apart. Whereas, a peel test, can be used to pull two materials apart.
  4. Bend Testing: Bend testing is tested to measure the flexural strength as well the flexural modulus of a material. Bend testing can be used to measure the distance which the materials can reach.
  5. Puncture Testing: In puncture testing the sample material is probed until it punctures. This is done in order to get its puncture resistance value. A universal testing machine can be used to check the puncture resistance value of a substance. By probing a material sample until it punctures, the resistance can be easily checked.

A universal testing machine is not only used for the above tests but is useful for many other tests as well. There are many universal testing machine suppliers in India whom you can contact to purchase it quite easily. Purchasing a universal testing machine is not so difficult anymore. By purchasing a universal testing machine, you can have access to various tests and check different materials. This is quite essential if you are focused on testing different materials on a daily basis.

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