5 Applications of the Universal Tensile Testing Machine


The universal tensile testing machine is a state-of-the-art machine because of the variety of applications it provides. The tensile strength is undertaken to identify the actual stress level of the material by applying a certain level of tension at different points. It is considered to be a fundamental way of judging any kind of material.

 Following are some of the applications of this particular machine:

  • It conducts the full test: The best application of the universal tensile testing machine is conducting the full test. With the help of strength testing, the materials structural integrity is confirmed and with the help of elongation the length of material after being pulled apart is also judged very easily with the help of stretching procedures. The stiffness of the material after stretching is also judged with the help of tensile modulus and it also provides a complete idea about the durability of the whole thing.
  • It collects the compression test: The compression test is further categorized into compressive force, load at displacement and the displacement at load. With the utilization of these kinds of things, the operators can easily introduce the force to the object and this kind of test helps in determining the above-mentioned elements very easily.
  • It helps to take the field test: It is considered to be quite similar in comparison to the tensile test but this has been specifically designed for materials that have been bonded together so that the overall procedures can be taken. Once the materials are very well secured to this particular machine it will slowly pull them apart and the pressure which has been applied to this particular test will be measured by a thousand times per second. This test does not help in determining the strength of the bonded materials and also helps in gauge the strength of the binding agent along with the process that is used to combine these separate materials.
  • It conducts the bend test: It is considered to be the further variant of the compression test and operates on similar procedures. The material will be placed across two blocks in these particular test operators and then the test will be conducted by lowering the plate into the middle of the material until it breaks down. It helps in identifying basic factors which are flexural strength and flexural modulus.
  • It conducts puncture test: This kind of the test involves the application of the pressure to the material from the above. The operator will prepare the material to fit the circular dimensions which the test requires and once the secured thing is done then the probe will be lowered down to the test sample. This particular procedure is designed with the motive of identifying the materials puncher resistance and is considered to be very much ideal for metal sheets and liquid product containers.

These kinds of equipment for example universal testing equipment is very much effective in determining the batch quality along with providing specific improvement throughout the manufacturing process. Another best thing associated with the whole concept is that it helps in analyzing the failures so that proper corrective actions can be taken very easily.

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