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B-H Curve Measurement Setup

B-H curve experiment is used for the analysis of the magnetic hysteresis loop / B-H curve for soft iron & laminated iron cores used in two coils bound electromagnet with DC current supply. Magnetic field intensity H & flux density B is measured & hysteresis loop recorded using the dedicate software. Remanence & coercive field strength of soft & laminated iron cores evaluated with the help of software.


Feasible experiments

1) Magnetic hysteresis loop recorded for soft iron core and laminated core electromagnet

2) Find the coercive force, remanence, Residual magnetism, BH curve saturation from graph


Electromagnet Quantity: 1 no.

DC current power supply Quantity: 1 no.

Gauss probe (rectangular type) Quantity: 1 no.

RS232 cable & converter Quantity: 1 no.

Power socket & DC connector cable quantity: 1 no.