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ANG-RON GEOTECH PVT. LTD. facilitates it customers by its fully equipped and modernization lab facilities. The facilities available at Ang Ron Geotech Pvt. Ltd. are being fully utilized for testing of soil, rock & concrete and other civil engineering material by various agencies for works of Indian and other foreign agencies.

State of the art facility exist using the upgraded technologies such as LVDT’s, pressure / load cell and related electronics system to fed the responses directly in to the online computer to perform all calculations, display graphs, final plots and results for adoption in analysis & design. Developed computer software’s for results & calculations (online & offline) are user friendly ready to use in testing for soil and rock.

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Laboratory facilities :

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Management :

Directors :
Dr. T Ramamurthy, ME., Ph.D. (Civil)
Mr. Jattinder Singh, B.E. (Mechanical)
Staff :
Laboratory is supported by Trained and qualified personnel for testing under guidance of Dr. T. Ramamurthy.

Name of Tests:

Soil Testing

  • Grain Size Analysis & Hydrometer
  • Moisture Content and Density
  • Void Ratio
  • Direct Shear Tests on FMC ( on 6cm x6cm specimen) per three specimen
  • Residual Shear
  • Direct shear test on remoulded specimen (on 6cm x6cm specimen) per three specimen
  • Permeability (Falling head)
  • Triaxial shear Test ( on 38mm & 50mm specimen for three specimens)
  • Unconsolidated undrained 3 specimen
  • Consolidated Undraines with pore pressure measurement 3 specimen
  • Consolidated Drained with volume change measurement ( 3 specimen)
  • Compaction Tests on disturbed samples a. Light compaction b. Heavy Compaction
  • CBR tests ( Soaked)
  • Swelling Pressure
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Atterberg Limits& Shrinkage Limit
  • One- dimensional Consolidation 0to 8 kg / cm2. Pressure & unloading
  • Swell Index
  • Specific Gravity

Rock Testing

  • Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity a. P wave Velocity b. P and S waves Velocities
  • Point Load Strength and Schmidt harness
  • Brazilian Test
  • Slake Durability
  • Density dry / sat
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength a. Triaxial shear test as rocks, NX size(5 specimens) b. Triaxial Compression ( 3 specimens)
  • Joint Shear Test
  • Poisson’s Ratio
  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • Moisture Contents SMC
  • Saturated moisture content
  • Specific Gravity
  • Uniaxial compressive strength
  • Modules of deformation of rock material
  • Physical Properties (Dry Density, Specific Gravity, Porosity & Saturated Moisture Content)
  • Double Shear test
  • Unconfined Compressive strength with deformability
  • Drilling from lumps
  • Cutting & Lapping