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Abel Flash Point Apparatus

Abel Flash Point Apparatus (Gas Heated)

HF 58.15

IS : 101, 1448 (P:20)

For determining the closed cup flash point of petroleum products & mixtures and other liquids having flash point within 19°-49°C temperature range.

Oil cup consisting of a cylindrical vessel open at the top and fitted on the outside with a flat circular flange projecting at right angles. Within the cup there is a gauge consisting of a piece of wire bent upwards nd terminating in a point. The cup is provided with a close fitting cover.

Abel Flash Point Apparatus (Electrically Heated)

Abel Flash Point Apparatus (Electrically Heated)

HF 58.20

Same as HF58.15 but supplied with a hot plate and a regulator.

Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase supply.

Abel Flash Point Apparatus Thermometers

HF 58.25

These are thermometers used in Abel Flash Point apparatus and are as follows

HF58.25.1 Oil Cup Thermometer (10° – 65°C)

HF58.25.2 Water Bath Thermometer (38° – 68°C)