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Cyclic cum Static Triaxial Testing Machine


The system is a highly advanced combination of hydraulic and pneumatic technology where s1 is applied through hydraulic system in dynamic tests and 2&s3 are app- lied through pneumatic system. It is totally based on Close Loop principle. The processing of the pre-programmed signal and machine responsible signal in the P.I.D. Controller is at the speed of 10 Khz. This keeps the machine working within the limits of + 2.5% of the programmed signal. Confining pressure & Back pressure are also controlled through computer and operates on close loop control mechanism. The system is capable of performing: Saturation, consolidation, UU, CU, CUBar, CD Triaxial tests with pore pressure and Volume change measurement, Isotropic and Anisotropic tests, Stress & Strain Path control tests, Liquefaction test, Cyclic Stress test, Cyclic Strain test, determination of modulus and damping properties if soil etc.


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